August 2010

GrouponBeing a recent college graduate, I’ve learned the tricks and trades of pinching pennies and it’s not just buying cheep beer. The new sensation that’s sweeping the online nation that has everyone’s attention (and so does my cheesy accidental rhyming) is called Groupon. Groupon is a revolutionary coupon-networking site for growing market of people that are always looking to save a buck.  The basics of this stupid-simple business plan are explained in the video bellow. If time is money then you might want to watch. It’s worth every second.

Genius right? Believe it or not, I’m not employed by Groupon. I’m just a fanatic of things that make cents. Companies like GAP have experienced the power of this piggy bank saver network.  GAP’s coupon was the first national groupon in all participating cities and the numbers were outstanding. But…is that good thing? At the end of the day, GAP had about 300,000 Groupons sold. Awesome, right? Maybe not, that’s estimated to be about $7.5 million revenue loss for one risky campaign. Was the PR and sales promo worth it?  This has done wonders for the participating businesses, giving them access to new customers while giving users bargaining power to receive unbeatable discounts. It’s a win-win situation. So who is making the money, Groupon or the companies? Listen to Andrew Mason, the new CEO of Groupon in the video bellow for a little background on how they make a buck by saving your loot.

So it works, but is it beneficial for nation-wide sales on Groupon? I want to hear your thoughts and comments.


Transparency Thickens the Skins

For years Daniel Snyder, owner of the NFL Washington Redskins team, has been absolutely loath by fans…well until recently. Seen by many as a well-off business man that knows little about football and more about ticket sales, sat down with Hogs Heaven blogger Ken Meringolo and Kevin Ewoldt for a tough Q&A. But can a Q&A restore a NFL owner’s image? Team Snyder is back in D.C.

After the first part of the interview with HH, I started asking myself: Is Dan Snyder actually like us more than we thought. Is he an average joe, Redskin lover, Sunday tailgating-griller kind of guy? The recent interview reminded Redskin fans that he is human. Not a blood sucking biz man. The Snyder-opoly that is taking place with the lots of land around the FedEx Field are being used to maximize tailgating experience, one of Dan’s precious memories when he was young Redskin fan. The interview hit Snyder with all the hard questions that needed to be answered. Sounds like Snyder’s is keeping the Skin fans at heart and not the ROI sheet.

With his new coaching staff, veteran quarter back, and rejuvenated  spirits of the other players; Snyder’s smartest business decision for Washington Redskins is his new hands-off ownership approach. Being praised by his best additions to the roster, GM Bruce Allen and head coach Mike Shanahan, Snyder gains respect from all pigskin lovers. Owners of NFL team can cripple their chance of success. The perfect example of this toxic relationship is owner Al Davis and Oakland Raiders franchise. But that’s a different story. Now Snyder is letting the football experts do what they do best, lead their team to the playoffs and brings Lombardi trophies back to the District!

With heart-felt apologies, detailed explanations of past mistakes and short sight failures, the fans might actually start forgiving Snyder for the dismal football season last year. Snyder’s interview was just what he needed. A rally of fans for Team Snyder.  Through transparency came authenticity, the basic by-product of communication that can change the attitudes of worst disgruntled hog lovers.

Are you wondering where your audience is online? At this very minute, someone is striking up a conversation about  your company. The real question is are you involved? Some companies have started to take note where they are mentioned and continue to build off these relationships. Continuing on Brain Solis Conversation Prism model below, social media has become a large spectrum of outlets used to reach a vast range of audiences.  Companies have jumped into this large Web of social media but have they gotten tangled up  along the way.

Brain Solis, President of Futureworks, tells us a way to maximize our  flow of information and the positive advantages of packaging together a social media release. Listen.

The connectivity through links online funnels people to read more in depth by the convenience of a click. Not only do you have information out of several platforms, but you have a way people can sift through all available information at once.  No pitch or selling here. Just the real story in the way influencers want to read it. More importantly, it can create a transparent and authentic conversation with others. Creditability shoot to the roof in social media press release. The more links in a story, the more the public begins to trust you and or company.

PR practitioners have rightly got a bad wrap for spamming the people. The spinning stops here.  Social media press release or SMPR is the way PR practitioners can clean up their wrap and start engaging your companies target markets. Here is a simple free template to download I found online by Shift Communication outlining the essentials inside a SMPR. Time to engage.

Picture Source: Ragan PR Daily