Google JuiceUmmm Ummm..gggGoogle Juice. Not to be mixed up with Beetle Juice. Google Juice is another word for your PageRank from search engines, the biggest one being Google. If you blog or have your own site then you might already have heard of this Search Engine Optimization (SEO) term. SEO is basically getting your site in web users search results. This usually mean more traffic to your site. But let’s break down this system at its most fundamental part…the link. What a beautiful thing….no seriously.

Meg Hourihan said it best in Jeff Jarvis’s book What Would Google Do?,  “What we say isn’t as important as the system that enables us to say it.” I stopped for a moment to think about the importance of linking. Bloggers and journalist can link related in-depth stories, giving readers the choice to click for additional information or skip it. It’s can be used as a educational source or to increase creditability and connectivity. Now I guess we all owe a great deal of thanks to Google, creating an amazing infrastructure to organize all theses websites and links.  Jeff Jarvis hit the nail of the head when he wrote,

“In retail, media, education, government, and health–everything–the link drives specialization, quality and collaboration, and it changes old roles and creates new ones. The link changes the fundamental architecture of societies and industries the way steel girders and rails changed how cities and nations were built and how they operated. Google makes links work. Google is the U.S. Steel of our age.”

Thanks Google but a basic thanks will do. I can be only so thankful when according to last July Wall Street Journal article Google’s revenue rose to $6.82 billion from $5.52 billion in the same quarter last year and have an estimated $30.1 billion in cash. That’s with a B and well deserved. For a basic understanding of how Google’s linking system works, watch Matt Cutts and he’ll explain it in just a couple minutes. Listen.

So the more links and clicks you get, the higher you rise in Google’s search results, which ultimately gives you a chance for more clicks in the future. To get all juiced up you should know these 5 simple tips about SEO.

  1. Check and monitior your search standings. Use online analytic tools to see your stats. It’s great way to know what people are clicking on and how they got there.
  2. THINK KEYWORDS! No tricky wording. Cleverness can hurt your search results. Be clear when creating tags and titles.
  3. Sharing should be easy. Use other social media outlets to your advantage to let other viewers share your information to friends.
  4. Simple design works.  Search engines can’t read information in fancy technology like flash. Plus, it’s a little distracting.
  5. Update and keep it fresh. More content, the better. A great way is have update content is to incorporate a tweeter feed and blog within your site.

For more useful SEO tips, check out Richard Burckhardt’s 55 Quick SEO Tips Even Your Mother Would Love.

Google Juice is great until is goes sour. In my next post, I’ll share my personal experience when my juice becomes “rotten”.  Until then, pour yourself a glass and watch your sites hits keep rolling in!