Email Signatures Build Personal BrandI’m no scientist but there is one thing I have down to a science. Applying for jobs. I have a standard email draft waiting to be customized for each position and company.  Another for a more creative position. This email already has my resume, cover letter and references attached; begging to be opened and adored by potential employers. Yet the phone calls aren’t coming in. DANG IT! Then I read an article about email and personal branding. Seems like I needed to step my game up to become a front runner for each position (specially in communications/marketing and media industry).


Create an email signature. Have your brand incorporated into to signature so people can immediately associate you with your work. Show off your personal logo at the bottom followed by all the ways to stay connected: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, blog, Flicker, or YouTube channel, ect. Don’t forget the basics. Include your name, tag-line or job title, your work mailing address (optional), email, and phone number. I tried using WiseStamp and failed. Many people are successful.

It must have been me.

So I created my own using a great site Social Media Icons for your Email Signatures where it gives all online icons and a web address to easily insert icon with a Gmail account (and I’m guessing other email servers). To insert an image you just put in the URL of each icon when you click the image button. Then link each image to the the right website. Example: Twitter icon to your Twitter home page. Easy right?  I recommend using 16X16 pixel images if for some reason the site doesn’t have your social networking icon. This was the case for my online portfolio network, Behance.  Here is my email signature.

Email Signature

Simple and sleek. And that’s just what you want. Having an email signature is a blessing for those looking at your work. Instead of searching and digging for your information, they know they have it all right there in one place. For most hiring managers and HR employees, it’s all about convenience.  Let’s make it easy for them. Not to mention, email signatures have more of a professional look. This can potentially transfer over to more followers, phone calls, and connections.

Put it this way, it won’t hurt your brand.