Are you wondering where your audience is online? At this very minute, someone is striking up a conversation about  your company. The real question is are you involved? Some companies have started to take note where they are mentioned and continue to build off these relationships. Continuing on Brain Solis Conversation Prism model below, social media has become a large spectrum of outlets used to reach a vast range of audiences.  Companies have jumped into this large Web of social media but have they gotten tangled up  along the way.

Brain Solis, President of Futureworks, tells us a way to maximize our  flow of information and the positive advantages of packaging together a social media release. Listen.

The connectivity through links online funnels people to read more in depth by the convenience of a click. Not only do you have information out of several platforms, but you have a way people can sift through all available information at once.  No pitch or selling here. Just the real story in the way influencers want to read it. More importantly, it can create a transparent and authentic conversation with others. Creditability shoot to the roof in social media press release. The more links in a story, the more the public begins to trust you and or company.

PR practitioners have rightly got a bad wrap for spamming the people. The spinning stops here.  Social media press release or SMPR is the way PR practitioners can clean up their wrap and start engaging your companies target markets. Here is a simple free template to download I found online by Shift Communication outlining the essentials inside a SMPR. Time to engage.

Picture Source: Ragan PR Daily